EVENTS: QP Campaign Q&A Winner | 2019

The winning team of the recently concluded Quality Campaign was awarded last Wednesday, September 11, 2019. QAPD Mgr. Shiela Ordovez and QS Kissy were there to give their prize and certificate. Check out their photos! To watch the video of the awarding, please check the link below: \\duzonenh2\blog$\01 Blog Posting\2019\09_Sep\19\QP

EVENTS: QP Campaign Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the recently concluded Quality Campaign Pandion Quiz Bee. They all received Gift Certificates as their prizes. Check out their photos below. For Douzone teachers and staff, you may use the link below: \\duzonenh2\blog$\01 Blog Posting\2019\April\02\QPW