Echo Training: Supervisory Effectiveness

Last May 9, 2019, AM Supervisor Lunette Verano conducted an Echo Training about Supervisory Effectiveness. She talked about the main function of the management and the effective ways to set goals. TLs and QAPD Mgr. Shiela Ordovez attended the said training. Check out their photos!

Echo Training: Training the Trainer

Last March 22, 2019, Team Leaders and Senior Teachers attended an Echo Training conducted by QS Rayz about Training the Trainers. They learned some tips on how to be an effective trainer and how to deal with potential difficulties. Check out some of their photos from the training.

PM TM Supervisor Ethel’s Birthday Surprise!

Last March 11, 2019, Douzone’s PM TM Supervisor Ethel Austria celebrated her birthday. The TM and QAPD members made sure to surprise her on her special day. Check out their photos. For Duzon teachers and staff, you may use this link: \\duzonenh2\blog$\01 Blog Posting\2019\March\11\Bday

Events: Team Feud

Want to test your team’s knowledge about pop culture and daily life and win additional funds for your team building? Then, please join the IAMDouzone Blog’s Team Feud Contest. Check this out to know more about it.  

Events: Bet on Your Newbie

Newbies of different AM Teams competed in a quiz bee held in the Medium Con yesterday morning, September 20. Teachers Selena and Jean Carla represented Team Niko. Teachers Francis and Miguel represented Team Chelle and Teachers Marjorie and Reagan represented Team Jean. The quiz bee ended in a tie between Team Niko and Team Chelle. […]

Events: Game 4 of the Yutnori Competition 2018

Yesterday, September 20, was the management’s turn to battle and try their luck. TM-QAPD, represented by TM Manager Yani Cammayo, QAPD Manager Shiela Ordovez, TM Supervisors Lunet Verano & Ethel Austria and Coach Eloisa Austria, challenged the OPS-IT, represented by HR Generalist Jomi Soriano, HR Specialist AR Gregorio, C&B Specialist MJ Gamutan, Ms. Joy Villena, […]