Team News: Team Chie’s Performance Meeting

Team Chie had their Team Performance Meeting last December 19, 2018. Certificates and rewards were given to the top performers for the month of November. PM TM Supervisor Ethel Austria attended the Team Performance Meeting as well. Check out some of the photos from their performance meeting.

Events: Game 4 of the Yutnori Competition 2018

Yesterday, September 20, was the management’s turn to battle and try their luck. TM-QAPD, represented by TM Manager Yani Cammayo, QAPD Manager Shiela Ordovez, TM Supervisors Lunet Verano & Ethel Austria and Coach Eloisa Austria, challenged the OPS-IT, represented by HR Generalist Jomi Soriano, HR Specialist AR Gregorio, C&B Specialist MJ Gamutan, Ms. Joy Villena, […]