Duzon Humor: “Checkered” this!

“If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.” Check out this creative photo of QS Jeni and QS Kiss who unexpectedly wore the same checkered print outfit. They surely represent Douzone peeps who know how to drive fast and run the race of life! ^_^

KClub: Practice Quiz

KClub members had their Practice Quiz conducted by our Operations Manager, Sir Joey Choi. They all received some Korean sweet treats. In addition to that, the top three members who got the highest quiz scores received Starbucks gift certificates. Check out the photos below!

KClub: July Group Study

Last July 30, 2019, KClub had their group study facilitated by our Operations Manager, Sir Joey Choi. They learned some new Korean words and practiced how to pronounce them correctly. Check out the photos below!

TRAINING: Accountability and Ownership

Last June 24, 2019, the TM Dept. Heads and management staff from QAPD and TM departments attended a Training regarding “Accountability and Ownership”. This was conducted by QAPD Manager Shiela Ordovez. Check out some of their photos during the training. For Douzone teachers & staff, you may also view the photos using this link: \\duzonenh2\blog$\01 […]

TEAM NEWS: Team Niko’s Team Building

“Share the Love” [June 21, 2019 at St. Rita Orphanage] After giving some suggestions for our team building, we have realized that we have a lot of love to give and blessings received. We decided to give back and share what we have. There are children who are in need of love and affection, although […]

Echo Training: How to Become an Effective Document Controller

Last June 20, 2019, the management staff from different departments attended an Echo Training on “How to Become an Effective Document Controller” conducted by QS Kissy. They learned about the purpose of documented information as well as the important document procedures to follow. Check out some of their photos during the training. For Douzone teachers […]

Douzone Passed 2019’s ISO Re-certification

The ISO Re-certification for 2019 was held last Friday, June 7, 2019. Different functions were audited and Douzone passed with flying colors! We all know that everyone worked for it, so kudos to all! Check out some of the photos taken during the audit. Our TM Dept. Heads and TLs represented the TM functions Our […]