Readers ask: Overwatch How To Say Attack The Objective?

How do you ping an overwatch objective?

Hit the “understood” call while looking at the objective seems to be the way to go. Hit F while facing the objective.

How do I say no overwatch on Xbox?


  1. First, go to the options menu in the game.
  2. Proceed to the controls tab in the menu.
  3. When you scroll down the tab, you will see the communication wheel section.
  4. You will see a long list of voices in the here. Scroll down to find the “no” in the list.

How do you say I need a healer in overwatch Xbox?

To do this, hold down “C” on your keyboard (on console, hold down on the D-pad). If you hover your cursor over the “I need healing” voice line and release “C” (or the D-pad), you can communicate to the healers on your team that you’re low on health and need some help.

How do you say hello in overwatch?

In order to perform emotes in the game, you simply need to open up the communication wheel. This is done either by hitting C on your keyboard or down on the d-pad. Then, you highlight one of the options and you’ll be saying hello, letting people know of your Ultimate, and pulling off a pose in no time.

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How do I communicate with overwatch?

Be respectful to your Overwatch team If you want to communicate effectively, you need to be positive and encouraging to your teammates. Try to lift them up, not bring them down. At the very least, maintain a neutral and objective attitude.

How do you say fall back in overwatch?

These include being able to say “goodbye” after a good night’s fighting, telling your teammates to ” press the attack ” or “fall back” during a skirmish, or even initiate a “3-2-1” countdown for timing plays.

How do you use spray wheel overwatch?

In order to use your spray paint, all you need to do is face where you want to mark and press up on the d-pad or T on your keyboard. There you have it, your mark will be left on the world of Overwatch. And you can even change what you spray paint, too. However, you’ll need to unlock new spray paints through loot boxes.

How do you text overwatch switch?

Here’s how to do it. Whilst In-Game, hit the enter button to bring up the chat box. Type /match in the chat to manually make the switch from the team chat.

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