Readers ask: How To Say Thank You In Haitian Creole?

How do you say hello in Haitian Creole?

The Creole words for hi or hello are bonjou and bonswa. Say bonjou when it is daytime and say bonswa when it is the evening or night.

What does SEZI mean in Creole?

sezi verb. surprised, seize, grasp, grab.

What does Alo mean in Creole?

alo noun. hello. bèl adjective. beautiful, pretty, nice, lovely, scenic.

How do you greet a Haitian woman?

Strangers acknowledge each other in the street by saying bonjou (good morning) or bonswa (good afternoon). It’s common to shake hands with men, women and children when meeting for the first time and when saying goodbye. Females are often greeted with a kiss on each cheek.

What is the mean of seize?

1: to take possession of by or as if by force Invaders seized the castle. He seized the lead. 2: to take hold of suddenly or with force …

Is Haitian Creole a language?

Haitian Creole, a French-based vernacular language that developed in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. It developed primarily on the sugarcane plantations of Haiti from contacts between French colonists and African slaves.

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