Readers ask: How To Say Japanese In Spanish?

What is the plural of Japanese in Spanish?

nounWord forms: plural Japanese. 1. (= person) japonés (japonesa) m/f. the Japanese (= people) los japoneses.

What does hibachi mean in Spanish?

Español. hibachi n. ( Japanese barbecue ) hibachi nm. Exemplos: el televisor, un piso.

What is Japan famous for?

Japan is known worldwide for its traditional arts, including tea ceremonies, calligraphy and flower arranging. The country has a legacy of distinctive gardens, sculpture and poetry. Japan is home to more than a dozen UNESCO World Heritage sites and is the birthplace of sushi, one of its most famous culinary exports.

What are the Spanish numbers?

Here are the Spanish numbers:

  • uno.
  • dos.
  • tres.
  • cuatro.
  • cinco.
  • seis.
  • siete.
  • ocho.

Is Computadora masculine or feminine?

male or female. female, ‘La computadora’ because, 1) No one but their creator understands their logic.

How do you answer nationality in Spanish?

You just say Soy, which means “I am”, then your nationality or country. For example: Soy americano. [slowly] Soy americano. Just replace “americano” with your own nationality.

What is the plural of Pizarra?

Noun. pizarra f (plural pizarras )

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Are the months in Spanish masculine or feminine?

Months of the year in Spanish are always masculine.

What does hibachi mean in Chinese?

The hibachi (Japanese: 火鉢, “fire bowl” ) is a traditional Japanese heating device. It is a brazier which consists of a round, cylindrical, or box-shaped, open-topped container, made from or lined with a heatproof material and designed to hold burning charcoal.

Whats the difference between teriyaki and hibachi?

The method of cooking Teriyaki food is the same as the method of cooking Hibachi food. The only difference is the sauce; Hibachi cuisine is cooked only with soy sauce, while Teriyaki cuisine is cooked with sweeter, more seasoned soy sauce.

What kind of food is hibachi?

Hibachi is the cooking of meat, vegetable and seafood dishes on a high-heat, metal cooking plate. Under the cooking plate is a wooden or or ceramic container filled with burning charcoal or wood.

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