Readers ask: How To Say Imogen?

How does Imogen Heap pronounce her name?

how do you pronounce first name of singer Imogen Heap?

  1. Eh-Moe-Jen 2-23-2010 8:52am.
  2. im-o-gin 2-23-2010 8:52am.
  3. emma-jean 2-23-2010 8:53am. no – not if there is no e on the end 2-23-2010 8:54am.
  4. Im uh gen 2-23-2010 8:53am.
  5. im (short I) – uh – gen (like Gen X). 2-23-2010 8:58am.

What kind of name is Imogen?

Imogen (/ˈɪmədʒən/), or Imogene (/ˈɪmədʒiːn/), is an Irish female given name of uncertain etymology. It is chiefly used as a given name in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

What does Imogen stand for?

The name Imogen is primarily a female name of English origin that means Innocent, Girl. Name invented by William Shakespeare from the name Innogen.

Does Imogen mean innocent?

English Baby Names Meaning: In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Imogen is: Innocent. Last born.

How old is the name Imogen?

Imogen was famously established as a given name by William Shakespeare’s play Cymbeline (c. 1611) which is based on various figures from early British history. The play is named for Cymbeline, the Roman vassal king of Britain.

What is Imogen in Irish?

A form of Innogen, from the Gaelic inghean, meaning “maiden” or the Latin innocens, maning “innocent”.

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Is Hyacinth a girl name?

Hyacinth is a variant form of the given name Hyacinthe. It may be given to males or females. The name is derived from a Greek word meaning the blue larkspur flower or the colour purple.

What does a purple hyacinth mean?

Purple Hyacinth meaning: Sorrow, I am sorry. Please forgive me. Red Hyacinth meaning: Play. Yellow Hyacinth meaning: Jealousy.

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