Readers ask: How To Say Hi In Creole?

How do you greet a Haitian?


  1. Strangers acknowledge each other in the street by saying bonjou (good morning) or bonswa (good afternoon).
  2. It’s common to shake hands with men, women and children when meeting for the first time and when saying goodbye.
  3. Females are often greeted with a kiss on each cheek.

Do you say hello in Creole?

The Creole words for hi or hello are bonjou and bonswa. Say bonjou when it is daytime and say bonswa when it is the evening or night.

How do you say hello in English Creole?

By the way, “bonjou” is how you say hello in Creole.

What does Alo mean in Creole?

alo noun. hello. bèl adjective. beautiful, pretty, nice, lovely, scenic.

What does get Momo mean?

MOMO means ” Idiot or irritating person.”

How do you respond to Sak pase?

“Sak Pase” is a common Haitian Creole phrase that means “What’s happening? It is often used to greet friends, similar to how you would say “what’s up” in English. The expected response is ” N’ap boule. ” Which literally translates “we’re burning” but it actually means “we’re hanging out.”

What is hello in Swahili?

To say hello in Swahili, say jambo. You can also say hujambo (pronounced hoo-JAHM-boh) if you want to greet someone more formally. Habari (pronounced hah-BAH-ree), which literally translates to “news,” is often used to say hi too.

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How do you say good morning in Jamaican?

The translation for, “Good morning” in the Jamaican Patois language is: ” Gud mawnin.

What does Bonjou?

interjection French. good day; good morning; hello.

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