Readers ask: How To Say Game In French?

How do we say video games in French?

You would say, ‘ Je joue aux jeux vidéo ‘ or ‘Je joue à des jeux vidéo’.

How do you say fair play in French?

In other languages fair-play

  1. American English: fair play /fɛr ˈpleɪ/
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: jogo limpo.
  3. Chinese: 公平处理
  4. European Spanish: juego limpio.
  5. French: fair play.
  6. German: Fair Play.
  7. Italian: correttezza.
  8. Japanese: 公正な態度

How do you say game in different languages?

In other languages game

  1. American English: game /ˈgeɪm/
  2. Arabic: لُعْبَة
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: jogo.
  4. Chinese: 游戏
  5. Croatian: igra.
  6. Czech: hra.
  7. Danish: spil.
  8. Dutch: spel.

Is sport a French word?

sport → jouer, taquiner, moquer. sport → sport, discipline, discipline sportive.

What is piano called in French?

I play the piano. Je joue du piano.

How do you say phone call in French?

phone call

  1. coup de téléphone, le ~ (m) Noun.
  2. coup de fil, le ~ (m) Noun.
  3. message téléphonique, la ~ (f) Noun.

What is the best name for a gamer?

Cool Gaming Names to Choose From

  • Aspect.
  • Kraken.
  • Bender.
  • Lynch.
  • Big Papa.
  • Mad Dog.
  • Bowser.
  • O’Doyle.

How do you say unique in other languages?

In other languages unique

  1. American English: unique /yuˈnik/
  2. Arabic: فَرِيد
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: único.
  4. Chinese: 独特的
  5. Croatian: jedinstven.
  6. Czech: jedinečný
  7. Danish: unik.
  8. Dutch: uniek.
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How do you say fun in other languages?

In other languages fun

  1. Arabic: مُسَلٍ
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: divertido.
  3. Chinese: 娱乐的
  4. Croatian: zabavan.
  5. Czech: zábavný
  6. Danish: sjov.
  7. Dutch: leuk.
  8. European Spanish: divertido.

What is basketball called in French?

basket: panier; corbeille; Panier.

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