Readers ask: How To Say Fat Boy In Spanish?

How do you say fat child in Spanish?

“chubby baby” in Spanish

  1. volume_up. bebé regordete.
  2. volume_up. bebé gordito.

What does it mean to call someone Gordito?

Gordito means ” little fat one ” and it’s a term of endearment for Spanish speakers.

What does fat mean in Spanish slang?

Being fat isn’t always a bad thing Gordo is often used as its literal translation of “fat” but it is not nearly as taboo as it is in English. It is very common for friends to refer to chubbier friends as el gordito or la gordita or simply el gordo or la gorda.

What does the word Gordo mean?

Gordo means fat, overweight or plump so the lottery would be translated as the Fat One.

What is the meaning of papacito?

dad. More meanings for papacito. dad noun. papá, papaíto, pariente.

Is Cabrona a bad word?

Well, “cabrona” is not a nice word (unless you two are jokking). It is very rude word, it is strong, a very strong insult.

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Can you call a guy mi vida?

If someone calls you mi vida it means that you are very important to them, although it’s much more common in Spanish than it would be to call someone ‘ my everything ‘ in English. Spaniards will often refer to a loved-one as corazón, or ‘heart’.

What does Poco Loco?

little crazy. More meanings for poco loco. dizzy adjective.

How do you say fat in a nice way?

Sometimes, people replace the word fat with words intended to be more polite or euphemistic, such as heavy, heavyset, plump, and chubby.

What is your name in Spanish?

What’s your name? = ¿Cómo te llamas?

What does Punta mean in?

It basically means the ‘tip’ or ‘point’ of something (tip of your tongue, tip of the iceburg, etc., but for more accurate and other meanings, click the dictionary tab and type in the word – you will get detailed information.

What does Delgado mean in English?

Spanish and Portuguese: nickname for a thin person, from Spanish, Portuguese delgado ‘slender’ (Latin delicatus ‘dainty’, ‘exquisite’, a derivative of deliciae ‘delight’, ‘joy’).

Whats the opposite of Gordo in Spanish?

The opposite of “gordo” would be ” flaco “.

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