Quick Answer: How To Say Word In Japanese?

How do you ask what a word is in Japanese?

The most common way to ask the meaning of a word or phrase is by using “どういう意味ですか”.

  1. What does … mean?
  2. It means… …という意味です。
  3. What does … mean?
  4. Please say it again. もう一度言ってください。(
  5. Could you please say that again?
  6. I’m sorry.
  7. Could you say it a bit more slowly?
  8. Could you explain that in simple Japanese, please?

How do you say slang words in Japanese?

10 Japanese Slang Words Useful To Know

  • かわいい kawaii. cute, pretty, adorable. Basically, kawaii means “cute” or “pretty”.
  • キモい kimoi. disgusting, gross.
  • ウザい uzai. annoying, irritating.
  • ムカつく mukatsuku. pissed off.
  • すごい sugoi. awesome, terrific, very.
  • マジ maji. seriously.
  • ヤバい yabai. oh my gosh, wow.
  • 超/めっちゃ choo/meccha. so, super.

What does chotto mean?

“Chotto” Can Mean: “ a while ”, “a moment”, “a short time” and “briefly”

How do you say I in Japanese?

All Hiragana end with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u). In this respect, Japanese pronunciation is far simpler than English pronunciation. Take the English alphabet “i,” for example. “ I” itself is pronounced /aɪ/, but when it’s used in words such as “alive” and “ink,” the pronunciation of “i” changes.

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What is Nani desu ka?

When used as a sentence, “Nani? ” is a casual way of asking ” What?” Nan desu ka? is a little formal way asking “What did you say?” “What do you want?” etc.

What is Kudasai?

When you ask somebody to do something in Japanese, you say TE-form verbs and then KUDASAI ( Please, or I would ask you to ). For an example, a verb meaning “to eat” is TABEMASU. Its TE-form is TABETE. So, TABETE KUDASAI means “Please eat.” “To look at” is MIMASU.

What is Baka mean in Japanese?

Baka is a Japanese word that means “ crazy,” “foolish,” or downright “stupid.” It can also be used as a noun for “a fool” or “a crazy or stupid person.” Anime and manga fans in the West have adopted the use of baka as a (usually joking) insult.

Is Yabai a bad word?

やばい (yabai): Cool in Japanese/Or Awful actually, anything! Yabai is a useful Japanese slang word that you can use to describe just about anything. Yabai is a word that can be perceived as positive or negative based on the way you say it, and context of the situation.

What Senpai means?

In Japanese the word is used more broadly to mean “teacher” or “master.” Like sensei, senpai is used in English in contexts of martial arts as well as religious instruction, in particular Buddhism. Sensei in those contexts refers to someone of a higher rank than senpai. Ranking below a senpai is a kohai.

How do u say BAE in Spanish?

How do you say “bae” in Spanish? – It’s ” amor.”¿Cómo se dice “bae” en español? – Se dice “amor”.

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What is Chotto matte in Japanese?

Wait is a word we often yell to catch someone who might be leaving a room or building, or if we are running to catch a bus or train. The way you say “wait” in Japanese is Matte. The more formal form of the word is “Chotto matte kudasai.” Chotto means “a small amount/degree,” and kudasai means “please.”

How is chotto used?

Chotto has three major usages. The first is in its literal meaning, “a little.” The second is to reduce the negative impact of a comment, criticism, or complaint. The third is as an interjection, like, “Hey!” or “Look here!” Let’s learn some more about these different usages below.

How do you spell chotto?

Chotto: A Little Word with a Lot of Ambiguity Seven meanings, one word, all cop

  1. ちょっと is one of the most useful and commonly used words in the Japanese language.
  2. As for how we write ちょっと, there are two kanji versions: 一寸 and 鳥渡.

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