Quick Answer: How To Say Very In French?

How do you use very in French?

They understand things very quickly. Ils comprennent les choses très vite. I’m very sorry. Je suis vraiment désolé.

  1. (= actual) même (after n) Those were his very words. Ce furent ses paroles mêmes.
  2. (= mere) seul(e) the very thought la seule pensée.
  3. (= extreme)

What are some cool French words?

Here are the most beautiful French words

  • Argent – silver. Argent is used in English too to refer to something silver and shiny.
  • Atout – asset. Masculine, noun.
  • Arabesque – in Arabic fashion or style. Feminine, noun.
  • Bijoux – jewelry. Masculine, noun.
  • Bisous – kisses. Masculine, noun.
  • Bonbon – candy.
  • Brindille – twig.
  • Câlin – hug.

How do you say amazing in French slang?

Translation of “that’s amazing!” in French. c’est incroyable! c’est génial!

How do you spell excellent in French?

C’était vraiment super. excellent! excellent! ⧫ parfait!

What does très mean in English?

Très is a French word that is defined as very and is sometimes combined with an English word to show humor. An example of très is saying that a café au lait is very tasty.

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What are frequency words in French?

Always, Sometimes, Never: The Demystifying Guide to French Adverbs of Frequency

  • Jamais (Never) Jamais is most often used in the context of a sentence such as:
  • Rarement (Rarely) This one is pretty simple.
  • Quelquefois (Sometimes)
  • Souvent (Often)
  • D’habitude (Usually)
  • Toujours (Always)

What are the prettiest words?

The 30 Most Beautiful Words in the English Language

  • Vellichor.
  • Petrichor.
  • Serendipity.
  • Diaphanous.
  • Limerence.
  • Silhouette.
  • Akimbo.
  • Mellifluous.

What are some cute words?


  • adorable.
  • beautiful.
  • charming.
  • delightful.
  • pleasant.
  • pretty.
  • dainty.

What is a pretty French word?

Gorgeous French Words That Mean Beautiful Just like in the English language, there are many ways to say “beautiful” in French. attrayant (masculine adjective) – attractive. belle (feminine adjective) – beautiful. charmante (feminine adjective) – charming or lovely. éblouissante (feminine adjective) – dazzling.

What is French slang called?

There are three types of commonly practiced slang in French: louchébem, argot and verlan aka verlan à l’envers.

What does Binks mean in French?

binks. This is a slang term for housing estate or working-class area. j’ai le mort (I’m dead) This would be used by someone to mean that they are very angry.

What is unique called in French?

unique adjective. single, only, one, sole, nonesuch. exceptionnel adjective. exceptional, outstanding, unusual, amazing, rare.

How do you spell wow in French?

wow → oh là là, ouah, pouah, ouais, waouh. wow → ouh là là

What is tres magnifique?

it was absolutely beautiful!

What does parfait mean in France?

parfait Add to list Share. A parfait is a sweet dessert made of layered ingredients in a tall glass. In French, the word appropriately means ” perfect.” Over the years since, the parfait has been reimagined as a layered dessert served in a clear glass.

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