Quick Answer: How To Say Uncle In French?

How do you say uncle in French Canadian?

French word for uncle is l’oncle – YouTube.

Does Tonton mean uncle in French?

Typically, children use the expression tonton, pronounced “to(n) to(n),” for uncle (baby talk).

How do you address your uncle in French?

Member. Tonton and tatie are French nicknames for one’s aunt and uncle.

How do you say l Oncle?

by Ben L’Oncle Soul Real name Benjamin Duterde, Ben’s onstage moniker of BEN L’ONCLE SOUL (pronounced ‘Lohnk-luh’), loosely translates into ‘ Ben – The Soul Uncle ‘.

How do you say uncle in Cajun?

From the Cajun pronunciation of French mon oncle “my uncle” or un oncle “an uncle”.

How do you spell parents in French?

parents; père et mère.

What does Tata mean in French?

tata n. aunt; aunty; auntie.

What is TOND called in English?

pot-belly (f) potbelly(f) pouch. tummy(f)

What’s Tonto in English?

American Spanish, from Spanish, fool, from tonto foolish.

What is aunt called in different languages?

The English word aunt derives from the Old French ante. This shares the same root as tante, which is used in French, German, and Dutch today. Another group of related Aunties are zia (Italian), tía (Spanish), and tita (Filipino).

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How do you introduce your family in French?

To describe your family, you can say: Dans ma famille, il y a mon beau-père, ma mère et deux frères – In my family, there is my step-father, my mother and two brothers Dans ma famille, il y a mon père, ma mère et trois sœurs – In my family, there is my father, mother and three sisters.

What language does Tante mean aunt?

Borrowed from German Tante (“aunt”), itself a borrowing from French tante (“aunt”).

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