Quick Answer: How To Say Triceratops?

What is this word triceratops?

The name triceratops, meaning literally “three-horned face”, refers to the two horns above its eyes and the smaller third horn on its snout. The triceratops was one of the last dinosaurs to evolve and also one of the last to become extinct.

What language is triceratops?

The term Triceratops, which literally means “three-horned face”, is derived from the Greek τρί- meaning “three”, κέρας meaning “horn”, and ὤψ meaning “face”.

How do u pronounce Coelophysis?

Coelophysis is pronounced “ See-low-fy-sis”, it might be spelt with a “C” but in reality, the “C sound” is soft and “See-low-fy-sis” is how this dinosaur should be pronounced.

How many teeth do Triceratops have?

It had up to 800 teeth that were constantly being replenished, and were arranged in groups called batteries, with each battery having 36 to 40 tooth columns in each side of each jaw and three to five teeth per column, the Evolution study notes. It may have eaten a range of plants, including ferns, cycads and palms.

What does a Triceratops look like?

The body of the Triceratops was big and round, planted on top of short sturdy legs. It was 8 meters long, about 3 meters tall and weighed somewhere between 6 and 12 tons (the size of an elephant). Triceratops means “Three Horned Face” in Greek. Triceratops horns could be up to 115 cm (45 inches) long.

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What is a Triceratops diet?

Triceratops like most dinosaurs are believed to have laid eggs in small clutches in a nest and guarded by the female until they were ready to hatch.

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