Quick Answer: How To Say Trash In French?

How do you say garbage in French accent?

garbage → déchet, ordures, ordure.

How do you say trash in other languages?

In other languages trash

  1. American English: trash /ˈtræʃ/
  2. Arabic: قَمَامَة
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: lixo.
  4. Chinese: 垃圾
  5. Croatian: smeće.
  6. Czech: smetí
  7. Danish: affald.
  8. Dutch: rotzooi.

What does the French word dispose mean?

1. (= use) [time, money] disposer de. 2. (= get rid of)

How do you spell garage in French?

le garage (parking; place de stationnement; aire de stationnement; garage souterrain; garage au sous-sol; garage à étage…)

  1. parking place [the ~] noun.
  2. car park [the ~] noun.

What is a synonym for garbage dump?

dump; trash dump; rubbish dump; wasteyard; waste-yard; dumpsite; site; land site.

What the meaning of disposing?

1a(1): to get rid of how to dispose of toxic waste. (2): to deal with conclusively disposed of the matter efficiently. b: to transfer to the control of another disposing of personal property to a total stranger. 2: to place, distribute, or arrange especially in an orderly way disposing of the weapons in the new

Is garage feminine or masculine?

The gender of garage is masculine. E.g. le garage.

How do the British pronounce garage?

6. Garage = Americans put a “zsa” on the end like Zsa Zsa Gabor, pronounced ga-RAHJ. In the U.K., it’s pronounced ” GARE-idge.” Like, “Can I park my bike in your GARE-idge?”

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Is khaki a French word?

khaki: kaki.

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