Quick Answer: How To Say Theatre In Spanish?

How do you say movie Theatre in Spanish?

‘Movie theater’ in Spanish is el cine. The term cine is also used when talking about movie stars (estrella de cine) or about movies in general. You

How do you say I went to the theater in Spanish?

Fui al cine con unos amigos anoche.

How do you say where is the movie theater in Spanish?

– ¿Dónde está el cine? (Where is the movie theater located?)

Is the Spanish word Teatro masculine or feminine?

For example, in Spanish, guitar – la guitarra – is a feminine noun, whereas theatre – el teatro – is masculine.

What is movies and Theatres in Spanish?

sala de cine {f} [form.]

What is your last name in Spanish Google Translate?

According to Google Translate, you use the phrase “ cuál es tu nombre? ” to ask someone their name in Spanish.

How do you write your name in Spanish?

“se escribe” means “(it) writes itself” or “(it) is written”. “”your name” is “tu nombre”, so it is ” cómo se escribe tu nombre? “, literally “how is your name written?” or in better English “how do you write your name?”. “te llamas” means “you call yourself.

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How do you say movie genres in Spanish?

The technical term to refer to movie genres in Spanish would be “ Género Cinematográfico”. It refers to the general theme of the film. In most conversations, you will hear “tipos de películas” (types of movies) instead of “género cinematográfico”.

How do you say dog in German duolingo?

68 Comments If you want or need to specify the gender, you need to use a different word. A female dog is “eine (die) Hundin”. A male cat is “ein (der) Kater”. The words “Hund” and “Katze” are suitable when the gender of the animal is unknown or irrelevant.

What is the meaning of teatro?

Noun. teatro m (plural teatros) theater, theatre (building where plays are performed) theater, drama (drama or performance as a profession or art form)

Is it el or la calle?

Feminine nouns that end with “e” (exceptions): The street – La calle. The meat – La carne.

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