Quick Answer: How To Say The In French?

What are the four ways to say the in French?

In summary:

  • The + masculine noun = le.
  • The + feminine noun = la.
  • The + any noun beginning with a vowel = l’
  • The + any plural noun = les.

How do you know when to use Le or La in French?

With masculine singular nouns → use le. With feminine singular nouns → use la. With nouns starting with a vowel, most nouns beginning with h and the French word y → use l’. With plural nouns → use les.

What is Les articles Definis?

The French definite articles (articles définis) are le in the masculine singular, la in the feminine singular, l’ for singular nouns that start with a vowel, and les in the plural (both genders). They correspond to the English article the.

How do you use dans?

Dans refers to something that occurs within or during a decade. Dans means “in” a location when followed by an article plus noun. Il est dans la maison. -> He’s in the house.

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What are the 4 definite articles?

In English, there is only one definite article: the. In Spanish, you have to choose between four definite articles: el, la, los and las.

What is à in French?

The French prepositions à and de cause constant problems for French students. Generally speaking, à means “to,” “at,” or “in,” while de means “of” or “from.” Both prepositions have numerous uses and to understand each better, it is best to compare them. Learn more about the preposition de.

Is France feminine or masculine?

France is la France in French, which classifies it as a feminine noun.

Is Bureau masculine or feminine French?

‘un bureau’ is a masculine noun in French. Is bureau in french a masculine or a feminine word. In the French language, everything has a gender.

Is Tableau masculine or feminine?

The word tableau in French is a masculine noun.

What are the 3 indefinite articles in French?

French has three indefinite articles — un (for masculine nouns), une (for feminine nouns), and des (for masculine or feminine plural nouns).

What is a French article called?

French has three forms of the definite article corresponding to the English article “the”. They are Le, La and Les. There is also the singular l’ used before vowels. Usage depends on the gender and number (singular, plural) of the noun.

What is article Contracte in French?

French Contracted Article When the French definite articles le and les are preceded by the prepositions à or de, the two words contract. à + le = au. à + les = aux. de + le = du. de + les = des.

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What goes before dans in French?

The preposition dans usually means “in,” but as always there are exceptions. Dans can’t be followed directly by a noun – it’s always followed by some kind of determiner, such as an article or possessive adjective.

What does the word par mean in French?

The French preposition par means ” through,” “by,” or “per” in English. It is used to indicate the manner in which something is done, the reason behind an event, the direction something moves, or the amount of something per some unit of measurement.

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