Quick Answer: How To Say Silver In Japanese?

What is Sugoi?

すごい (Sugoi) is a word that’s typically used when you’re left awestruck out of excitement or feel overwhelmed. This can be for any situation be it good or bad. A similar English expression would go somewhere along the lines of “Oh… Wow”.

What does HEI mean in Japanese?

abuse, evil, vice, breakage.

What does Bakero mean?

English Translation. baker. More meanings for bakero. cowboy noun.

What is Kimochi?

What is the meaning of kimochi in Japanese? Kimochi is a “feeling.” This type of feeling is usually one brought on by some stimulation and is something of a non-persisting state of feeling. Kimochii (with a long -ii sound) means “good feeling.”

What Moshi Moshi means?

“Moshi Moshi” as “Hello ” You’ve likely heard moshi moshi before, the expression used by Japanese people when they pick up the phone. The word moshi is derived from the verb “to say” in humble Japanese: ( 申 もう す).

What does Hei Hei mean in Chinese?

嘿嘿 (hēi hēi) =heihei A way to remember the interpretation of this type of laugh is to look at the right side of the character, which consists of the word黑 (hēi), meaning “ black” or “dark”. Now that you know this, you can remember that heihei is a type of cunning or mischievous laugh.

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Why do Japanese say Moshi Moshi?

In short, magical foxes (called kitsune in Japan) are powerful and nasty creatures. They can shapeshift, create illusions, and love to screw people over. So if a malevolent kitsune were calling you on the phone, it would be bad news. That’s why Japanese people started to say “moshi moshi” when answering the telephone.

Is Hei Japanese?

Hei (Japanese: 黒(ヘイ), pinyin: Hēi, lit. Hei’s character was created by anime director Tensai Okamura who cited multiple influences such as spy, ninjas, as well as dual personality to contrast his daily life with his gruesome work.

What is Baka mean in Japanese?

Baka is a Japanese word that means “ crazy,” “foolish,” or downright “stupid.” It can also be used as a noun for “a fool” or “a crazy or stupid person.” Anime and manga fans in the West have adopted the use of baka as a (usually joking) insult.

What does Konoyaro mean in Japanese?

Namen ja ne, konoyaro! translates literally as “ Don’t think you can make a fool out of me, you guy! ” But you would be well-advised to stay out of the way of a character saying this. The actual meaning is akin to “Watch it, you prick!” In Japanese, therefore, it might be something like, Fuzakerunjanaizo.

What is Wakaranai in Japanese?

Usually, “shira-nai” is translated “I don’t know” and “wakara-nai” is translated ” I don’t understand “. Both words are used when the speaker can’t answer the listener clearly.

How do you say silver in other languages?

In other languages silver

  1. American English: silver /ˈsɪlvər/
  2. Arabic: فِضَّة
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: prata.
  4. Chinese: 银
  5. Croatian: srebro.
  6. Czech: stříbro.
  7. Danish: sølv.
  8. Dutch: zilver.
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What color is Aoi?

Ao (hiragana: あお; kanji: 青; adjective form aoi (青い)), is a Japanese color word that includes what English-speakers would call blue and green. For example, in Japan, blue skies are described as aozora (青空), and green traffic lights are described as ao-shingō (青信号).

What is romaji in Japanese?

Romaji is the method of writing Japanese words using the Roman alphabet. Since the Japanese way of writing is a combination of kanji and kana scripts, romaji is used for the purpose that Japanese text may be understood by non-Japanese speakers who cannot read kanji or kana scripts.

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