Quick Answer: How To Say Project In Spanish?

What is como de se mean?

Cómo se dice is Spanish for ‘ how do you say.

What is a Cariño?

noun. affection [noun] liking or fondness. attachment [noun] (with for/to) liking or affection. 6

What is Spanish Netspeak?

8. English Loans. This is the use Spanish phonetic spelling to communicate English words. If you’re interested in learning more Spanish Netspeak, the most complete online dictionary (entirely in Spanish) is a compliation and public-sourced site at diccionariosms.com.

What are the 4 words for ours in Spanish?

Spanish translation of ‘ours’

  • (referring to singular possession) (el/la) nuestro (nuestra)
  • (referring to plural possession) (los/las) nuestros (nuestras)
  • this house is ours esta casa es nuestra.
  • a friend of ours un amigo nuestro.
  • your car is much bigger than ours vuestro coche es mucho más grande que el nuestro.

WHAT IS A in Spanish mean?

The preposition a is translated as ” to” or “at” and also can mean “in,” “on,” “by,” or “from.” Like del, al is a contraction and should be used instead of a el. Here’s how a is commonly used: • Time: Te veré a las cinco.

What does se escribe mean in Spanish?

You will have noticed that “escribe” is the 3rd person singular. If you were to translate the phrase literally it would probably come out as “How does it write itself?”. And you probably already know this, but it really means ” How is it spelt? “. E.

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Can you call a girl Carino?

When you’re more than fond of somebody, you can call him or her cariño ( darling ), but remember – it doesn’t change its ending depending on whether the person you’re speaking to is male or female.

What’s the difference between Hermosa and Bonita?

Bonita is closer to beautiful, lindo to cute or nice, and hermosa to gorgeous. All three can be said about people, pets, or things, but hermosa in particular can carry a note of seduction or sexuality, depending on the situation.

What is Dios mio?

Spanish. English title. ” Oh My God! ”

What is my in Spanish plural?

What if you own many things? If you want to say ‘my car’ in Spanish, that would be ‘mi coche,’ but if you were talking about two or more cars, ‘my’ in Spanish (‘mi’) becomes ‘mis’ = ‘ Mis coches.’ Learn all the plurals: Possessive adjectives in Spanish. Plural.

What is your is Spanish?

Both su and tu are possessive pronouns or determiners that can mean “your.” However, that doesn’t make them interchangeable. The difference is the same as the difference between tú and usted. Tú is the informal or familiar way of saying “you” (singular), while usted is the formal way.

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