Quick Answer: How To Say Hello In Irish?

How do you say hello in Irish?

To say “Hello” in Irish Gaelic, you say: Dia dhuit. That phrase is how you say hello to someone in Irish.

How do you greet someone in Irish?


  1. The most common greeting is the handshake.
  2. In formal situations or with people of higher status, titles and last names are used.
  3. Among close friends and family, the Irish may hug and kiss each other on the cheek.
  4. Women will kiss both male and female friends, while men kiss only female friends.

How do you pronounce Dia duit?

According to the Irish-Sayings.com website, “dia dhuit” is pronounced “jee-ah-gwit” in Munster Irish and Connacht Irish.

What is DIA Dhuit?

hello, literally ” God to you ” (addressing one person)

What is an Irish goodbye?

A slang phrase rumored to have originated in the Northeast, an “Irish goodbye” refers to a person ducking out of a party, social gathering or very bad date without bidding farewell.

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What is Cead Mile Failte mean?

€25.00. This traditional Gaelic greeting – meaning a hundred thousand welcomes – reflects the generous and hospitable nature of the Irish.

Why do Irish say Feck?

The most popular and widespread modern use of the term is as a slang expletive in Irish English, employed as a less serious alternative to the expletive “fuck” to express disbelief, surprise, pain, anger, or contempt.

How do Irish say cheers?

“Cheers” in Irish is sláinte which is pronounced a bit like “slawn-che”. Sláinte means “health”, and if you’re feeling brave, you can say sláinte is táinte (“slawn-che iss toin-che”), meaning “health and wealth”. “Cheers” is one of the words included in lesson 10 of our course.

What is a good Irish greeting?

Irish Greetings: Hello, Goodbye

  • Hello – Dia duit. ( literally “may God be with you”)
  • How are you? – Conas atá tú?
  • I am – Is mise
  • What’s your name? – Cad es ainm duit?
  • What’s the news? – Cén scéal?
  • Pleased to meet you – Tá áthas orm bualadh leat.
  • Welcome – Fáilte.
  • Goodbye (short and general form) – Slán.

What is the most Irish thing to say?

20 things Irish people say versus what they actually mean

  1. 1. “ I will yeah”
  2. 2. “ She has some neck”
  3. 3. “ That’s Grand”
  4. 4. “ A good bit”
  5. 5. “ The tea is wet”
  6. “Will you have a mineral?”
  7. 7. “ I’m off to get a few messages”
  8. “Would you be well?”

How do the Irish say good morning?

“Maidin mhaaaaith!” Maidin mhaith, which is the simplest way to say “good morning” in Irish, is a direct translation of the English phrase.

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What does Beannachd Dia Dhuit mean?

I was asking would it be ‘duit’ or ‘dhuit’ as I live an area of Scotland where Gaelic (Gaidhlig) is widely spoken and here it would be ‘Beannachd Dia dhuit’ – Blessings of God be with you, so the Irish is similar. And as a wee aside, if you are using “God bless you” as a reaction to a sneeze, it’d be Dia linn.

Do the Irish really say top of the morning to you?

The phrase is Irish in origin but now very rarely used in Ireland (except as a sterotypical “Irishism”). It simply means ” the best of the morning to you ” – perhaps from the idea of unhomogenised milk, where the cream rises to the top.

What does Dia in Irish mean?

Proper noun Dia m (genitive Dé) God.

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