Quick Answer: How To Say Big Sister In Korean?

What is Unnie in Korean?

The Korean words Oppa (오빠) and Hyung (형) mean “older brother.” Meanwhile, the Korean words noona (누나) and unnie (언니) mean “older sister.” However, the meaning of these terms expands much further than just your blood-related siblings. Here’s how to use each one. 6

What is IMU Korean?

Imu Korea Ltd. was founded in 2001. The company’s line of business includes the wholesale distribution of computers, computer peripheral equipment, and computer software.

What does SIS mean in Korean?

아가씨 {noun} sis (also: lady )

What is Eonnie Korean?

언니 (Eonnie) • 언니 means Older Sister. • When a younger female calls older sister.

What does BAE mean in Korean?

Bae = Before Anything Else. He is my bae. He is my before anything else.

Can a girl say Hyung?

I think that is very few. I have many female friends and nobody call a man generally ‘hyung’. Of course they can sometimes make a joke calling a man as ‘hyung’ but it does not mean that the girl can call a man ‘hyung’.

What do Korean guys call their girlfriends?

Jagiya (자기야) – “Honey” or “Baby” Perhaps the most popular of the Korean terms of love between couples, it means “honey”, “darling” or “baby” which you’ll often hear among couples in K-dramas. You can also just shorten it to 자기 (jagi). Use this term along with Korean love phrases. It’s used for both men and women.

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What is Gomo Korean?

고모 • (gomo) (hanja 姑母) paternal aunt (one’s father’s sister) Coordinate term: 이모(姨母) (imo, “maternal aunt”)

What is an Ajumma Korean?

Ajumma (Korean: 아줌마), sometimes spelled ajoomma, is a Korean word for a married, or middle-aged woman. It comes from the Korean word Ajumeoni (Korean: 아주머니). Although it is sometimes translated “aunt”, it does not actually refer to a close family relationship.

How do you call sister’s husband in Korean?

Sisters in-law:

  1. your husband’s older sister: hyeong-nim (형님) or eonni (언니)
  2. your husband’s older sister’s husband: seobangnim (서방님)
  3. your husband’s younger sister: agasshi (아가씨) or asshi (아씨)
  4. your husband’s younger sister’s husband: seobangnim (서방님)

What do sisters call each other in Korean?

Sister in Korean For males, an older sister is addressed as 누나 (nuna). For females, the word 언니 (eonni) is used. 누나 (nuna) and 언니 (eonni) can also be used when talking about one’s older sister to others.

What do you call your siblings in Korean?

The terms used to refer to siblings in Korean are: 동생 (dongsaeng): younger sibling. 언니 (eonni): a female’s older sister. 오빠 (oppa): a female’s older brother. 누나 (nuna): a male’s older sister.

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