Quick Answer: How To Say Angel In French?

What is the name Angel in French?

French: Ange (masc.), Angélique (fem.)

How do you say angel in other languages?

In other languages angel

  • American English: angel /ˈeɪndʒəl/
  • Arabic: ملاك
  • Brazilian Portuguese: anjo.
  • Chinese: 天使
  • Croatian: anđeo.
  • Czech: anděl.
  • Danish: engel.
  • Dutch: engel.

Is Angel in French masculine or feminine?

angélique {adjective masculine/feminine }

What name means Angel from heaven?

As per its Arabic associations, the name Alya means “heavenly, sky, heaven, loftiness.” Quite literally, this beautiful name implies “angel” in every sense. The Greek origin name ‘Angel’ is one of those special names that neither go out of style nor lose their magnetism.

How do you spell star in French?

French translation of ‘star’

  1. ( in the sky) étoile f.
  2. (= shape) étoile f.
  3. ( in rating system) étoile f. 4-star hotel hôtel m 4 étoiles. 2-star petrol (Britain) essence f ordinaire. 4-star petrol (Britain) super m.
  4. (= celebrity) vedette f ⧫ star f.

What are nicknames for Angel?

Here are some common nicknames for Angel:

  • Ange.
  • Angelino.
  • Angie.
  • Angu.
  • Angy.
  • Anny.
  • Chelito.
  • Chibi.

How do you say guardian angel in different languages?

Translations for Guardian angel

  1. ملاك حارسArabic.
  2. anděl strážný, anděl strážceCzech.
  3. skytsengelDanish.
  4. SchutzengelGerman.
  5. φυλακάγγελοςGreek.
  6. gardanĝeloEsperanto.
  7. ángel protectorSpanish.
  8. kaitseingelEstonian.
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How do you say heaven in other languages?

In other languages heaven

  • Arabic: جَنَّة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: paraíso.
  • Chinese: 天堂
  • Croatian: nebesa.
  • Czech: nebe.
  • Danish: himlen himmerige.
  • Dutch: hemel hemelrijk.
  • European Spanish: cielo religioso.

How do you say Queen in other languages?

In other languages queen

  • American English: queen /ˈkwin/
  • Arabic: مَلِكَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: rainha.
  • Chinese: 女王
  • Croatian: kraljica.
  • Czech: královna.
  • Danish: dronning.
  • Dutch: koningin.

What are French words?

Learn Some Common French Words

  • Bonjour = Hello, Good morning.
  • Au revoir = Goodbye.
  • Oui = Yes.
  • Non = No.
  • Merci = Thank you.
  • Merci beaucoup = Thank you very much.
  • Fille = Girl.
  • Garçon = Boy.

How do you say star in different languages?

In other languages star

  • American English: star /ˈstɑr/ sky.
  • Arabic: نـَجْم
  • Brazilian Portuguese: estrela.
  • Chinese: 星
  • Croatian: zvijezda.
  • Czech: hvězda na nebi.
  • Danish: stjerne.
  • Dutch: ster hemel.

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