Quick Answer: How To Say 19 In French?

What is Dix Neuf?

seventeen, eighteen, nineteen.

What is French dollar?

French Translation. dollar. More French words for dollar. le dollar noun. buck, greenback, smacker.

How do you count 1 to 1000 in French?

So, 1000 is mille, and 9000 is neuf-mille. The French numbers from 100-1000, and beyond!

  1. 100 – cent.
  2. 101 – cent-un.
  3. 102- cent-deux.
  4. 110 – cent-dix.
  5. 150 – cent-cinquante.
  6. 155 – cent-cinquante-cinq.
  7. 189 – cent-quatre-vingt-neuf.
  8. 200 – deux-cents.

What is a thousand in French?

thousand → mille, millier. thousand → mille.

What is the number Douze in French?

douze Noun. douze, le ~ (m) (douzaine) dozen, the ~ Noun. twelve, the ~ Noun.

What is seize French in English?

transitive verb. 1. (= take hold of, grab) saisir.

How do you pronounce Dix in French?

You probably came away from your first ever French class with the knowledge that the French word dix is the number ten. You probably learnt to count to ten, and pronounced dix “diss”, a bit like a rhyme with English “geese”.

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