Question: How To Say Your Birthday In German?

How do you write your birthday in German?

How to wish a German Happy Birthday

  1. Ganz herzliche Glückwünsche zum Geburtstag (All good wishes on your birthday)
  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag und alles, alles Gute (Good wishes for your birthday and all the best for the coming year)

How do you say your birthday correctly?

As your birthday is the anniversary of your birth, it is just the day and month. Your date of birth will include the full year.

Is it bad luck to wish someone happy birthday early in Germany?

In Germany, “Happy birthday to you” changes to “Zum Geburtstag viel Glueck,” meaning, “Good luck on your birthday.” And that luck must only come on the day of birth. While Germans may not mind celebrating their birthday weeks after the date, celebrating early is considered bad luck.

What is November in German?

November ( no-vehm-ber ) – November. Dezember (de-tsem-ber) – December.

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Who was born on or in?

If you are talking about the year, month or season then it should be: Born in. Example: I was born in 1980 (May, summer). If you are talking about day of the week or a holiday then it should be Born on.

Is it born in or born at?

It would be “born in”. If you wanted to talk about the hopsital of your birth, you could use either “in” or “at”.

How old are you or what is your age?

There may be special circumstances when someone might say What’s your age?, but the normal question is How old are you?. The answer is ” (X)”, not “(X) years”, or even “(X) years old” – unless you are five!

How do you say HBD in Japanese?

In Japanese, “happy birthday” is written (お) 誕生日 おめでとう (ございます). This is pronounced “ (o) tanjoubi omedetou (gozaimasu)”. If we break down this expression: “o” is the polite form.

What does song mean in German?

The German word Lied for “song” (cognate with the English dialectal leed) first came into general use in German during the early fifteenth century, largely displacing the earlier word gesang.

How do you say Happy Birthday in French to a female?

Joyeux anniversaire or bon anniversaire are the standard ways to wish someone happy birthday in French.

What is bad luck in Germany?

To wish someone an early birthday is to wish them a year of bad luck. You also can’t open gifts before the official date. Save that Alles Gute zum Geburtstag til the day. Beer drinking is serious business in German, and nowhere is that more clear in the traditions surrounding the “Prost“.

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What birthdays are important in Germany?

In Germany, you always celebrate your birthday on the actual day you were born and not a minute earlier. You celebrate “into” a person’s birthday at midnight (known as “reinfeier”) – even mid-week. Saying “happy birthday” to a German before the actual date can lead to angry stares and insults.

What types of gifts are given in Germany?

When invited to a German home, it is appropriate to bring a gift of flowers, wine, chocolates, or a small gift that represents your home country or region. Flowers should be given in uneven numbers and unwrapped (unless wrapped in cellophane).

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