Question: How To Say Small In French?

What is small in French feminine?

The word petit means ‘small’ in French. Since it is an adjective, there are masculine and feminine, singular and plural forms.

What is small in French masculine?

The French translation for “small (masculine)” is petit.

What is à in French?

The French prepositions à and de cause constant problems for French students. Generally speaking, à means “to,” “at,” or “in,” while de means “of” or “from.” Both prepositions have numerous uses and to understand each better, it is best to compare them. Learn more about the preposition de.

What is the difference between petit and petite?

Petit is usually used for steps, though the difference is that petit is for feminine words while petite is for masculine words. Unfortunately, there are no strict rules to when to use which version in the French language, so both are sometimes used randomly.

Is petite feminine or masculine?

If you look up an adjective in the dictionary, it will always be listed in the masculine singular form, eg petit (small). add -e to the end to get the feminine singular form, eg petite. add -es for the feminine plural form, eg petites.

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How do you pronounce petit pains?


  1. IPA: /pə.ti pɛ̃/
  2. Rhymes: -ɛ̃
  3. Audio (Paris) (file)

What is the plural of small in French?

The French translation for “small (plural)” is petits.

What is the meaning of La Petite?

English Translation. the little.

What does pettite mean?

adjective. (of a woman) short and having a small, trim figure; diminutive.

What’s a big word for boring?

In this page you can discover 73 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for boring, like: dull, tedious, monotonous, dreary, tiresome, uninteresting, humdrum, irksome, dry, wearisome and weary.

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