Question: How To Say My In French?

What is the difference between mon and MA in French?

they both mean mine but you use ma for feminine and mon for masculine. ” ma maison” (my home is a feminine word in fr) “mon chien” (my dog is masculine).

Is it ma Amie or mon amie?

My friend is “mon amie” and not “ma amie”, even though “amie” is female. This is because the French dislike having a word end with a vowel and the next one begin with a vowel. This overrides the usual gender system.

Do you use mon or ma?

If the noun is feminine and singular, but begins with a vowel, use mon. For instance, “amie” (girlfriend) is feminine. But we’d say mon amie and not ma amie because it begins with a vowel. The main reason is that it’s way easier to pronounce that way.

Is MES feminine in French?

mon/ton/son/notre/votre/leur in the masculine singular. ma/ta/sa/notre/votre/leur in the feminine singular. mes/tes/ses/nos/vos/leurs in the plural.

What is mon amour?

Translation of “mon amour” in English. Noun. honey my love my darling mon amour baby my dear my beloved sweetie my lover mi amor.

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How do you say formally in French?

Tu becomes ton, ta, tes (“your” in informal masculine, feminine and plural forms respectively) and vous becomes votre, vos (“your” in formal masculine/feminine, plural).

How do you say A in French?

AI / AIS: Pronounced like the French ‘È. ‘ AIL: Pronounced [ahy], similar to the English “eye.” AN: Pronounced [ah(n)], the ah sounds like à and the n has a nasal sound.

What is my in French feminine?

For masculine words, we would say mon (my). For feminine words, we would say ma (my). For plural words, regardless of whether they’re masculine or feminine, we would say mes (my).

Does Amie mean girlfriend?

My French teacher always say that “mon amie” or “mon ami” expresses an amorous relationship, like “girlfriend ” and “boyfriend”.

What is meaning of mon Dieu?

English translation of ‘mon Dieu!’ my God!

How do you use MA in French?

– In the first case, stylo is masculine, therefore we will use mon. – In the second case, chaussures is plural, therefore we will use mes. – In the last case, voiture is feminine, therefore we will use ma.

What is the feminine of Monk?

In the context of the question, ‘monk’ refers to a religious man. Hence, the feminine gender noun of ‘monk’ is ‘ nun ‘.

How do you use Mon Ma Mes in French?

Mon, ma, mes; ton, ta, tes; son, sa, ses = my; your; his / her (possessive adjectives)

  1. Using “mon” rather than “ma” with feminine nouns starting with a vowel or mute h (possessive adjectives)
  2. Expressing possession with son, sa, ses and personne, tout le monde, chacun, il faut (possessive adjectives)

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