Question: How To Say Dumb In French?

How do you say dumb in slang?


  1. airheaded,
  2. birdbrained,
  3. bonehead,
  4. boneheaded,
  5. brain-dead,
  6. brainless,
  7. bubbleheaded,
  8. chuckleheaded,

How do you say dumb in a different language?

In other languages dumb

  1. American English: dumb /ˈdʌm/
  2. Arabic: أبْكَم
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: mudo.
  4. Chinese: 哑的
  5. Croatian: nijem.
  6. Czech: němý
  7. Danish: stum.
  8. Dutch: stom unable to speak.

How do you formally say dumb?

In this page you can discover 59 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for dumb, like: stupid, blockheaded, moronic, dull, unintelligent, senseless, foolish, dense, feeble-minded, ignorant and idiotic.

Is moron a bad word?

The terms idiot, imbecile, moron, and their derivatives were formerly used as technical descriptors in medical, educational, and regulatory contexts. These uses were broadly rejected by the close of the 20th century and are now considered offensive.

Who is a dumb person?

Dumb in the sense “lacking the power of speech” is perceived as insulting when describing humans (but not animals), probably because dumb also means “stupid; dull-witted.” The noun dummy in the sense “person who lacks the power of speech” is also perceived as insulting, as are the terms deaf-and-dumb, deaf-mute, and

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