Question: How To Say 8 In Japanese?

How do you say 8 in Japanese?

Eight (8) is 八 (hachi, pronounced “hah-chee”). Nine (9) is 九 (kyuu, pronounced “kyoo”).

How do you say numbers in Japanese?

Numbers 数字 (sūji)

  1. 一) ichi.
  2. 二) ni.
  3. 三) san.
  4. 四) yon.
  5. 五) go.
  6. 六) roku.
  7. 七) nana.
  8. 八) hachi.

How do you say decimal numbers in Japanese?

The way to read decimals ( しょうすう “syôsû” ) in Japanese is similar to English. The decimal delimiter in Japanese is a period (not Japanese period but European period). To read decimals in Japanese, read the integer part first. Then say てん “ten”, which is the Japanese word for point, and say plain digit names after that.

Is seven Shichi or Nana?

As noted above, yon (4) and nana (7) are preferred to shi and shichi. It is purported that this is because shi is also the reading of the word 死 (“death”) which makes it an unlucky reading; while shichi may sound too similar to ichi (1), shi or hachi (8).

What does 5 mean in Japanese?

5. ご (go) 五 いつつ ( itsutsu ) 五つ

What is number 20 in Japanese?

Japanese numbers: simple double-digit numbers That is, 20 is said “2-10”, or ni-juu / にじゅう.

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How do you count to 12 in Japanese?

12 juu-ni (NOT ichi-juu ni) 「じゅう に」 157 hyaku go-juu nana (NOT ichi-hyaku go-juu-nana) 「ひゃく ごじゅう なな」 1861 sen ha-ppyaku roku-juu ichi (NOT ichi sen ha-ppyaku roku-juu ichi) 「せん はっぴゃく ろくじゅう いち」

How do you say fraction in Japanese?

Fractions are conveyed by using 分(ぶん) ‘part’. You may already be familiar with 半分(はんぶん) ‘half’. As usual, everything is backwards in Japanese, so it’s not one third, it’s third’s one.

Which countries use commas for decimals?

The majority of European countries use the decimal comma. Among them are Spain, France, Norway, the Czech Republic, Denmark, and more. However, it’s important to note that the United Kingdom is an exception because they tend to follow the Imperial System, which uses the decimal point.

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