Often asked: How To Say To Bring In Spanish?

What is the Spanish verb for to bring?

Conjugating the Irregular Spanish Verb Traer (to Bring)

What’s the difference between Traer and llevar?

Going back to the example of eating a meal out at a restaurant, here’s one more refresher: Use traer to ask your waiter to bring you something. Llevar is the verb you would use to volunteer to take a dish to a friend’s buffet…and then traer when you are actually at the party and telling someone what you brought.

What does the Spanish word Mirar mean in English?

an informal use of the Latin word for mother; sometimes used by British schoolboys or used facetiously.

What is when is Spanish?

The answer to your question is: when – cuándo. “¿Cuándo?” is an important word to learn in Spanish.

How do you use Traer?

“TRAER” – Rules, Uses & Examples Traer means ” to bring “, such as when an object is being transported to the place where you are. He’s bringing me the keys. Me va a traer el libro. He’s going to bring the book to me.

What is subjunctive used for in Spanish?

El presente de subjuntivo (Spanish present subjunctive) can be better defined as a grammatical mood rather than a proper tense and is used in Spanish to express personal opinions, unreal or hypothetical wishes, doubts, commands or feelings in the present or the future.

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Does llevar mean to bring?

Llevar meaning To Take or To Carry For example: Pedro nos llevó al aeropuerto.

How do you use venir in a sentence?

The verb venir means “to come”: ¿Quieres venir a mi casa a cenar? (Do you want to come to my house to have dinner?)

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