Often asked: How To Say I Love You In Hawaiian?

What do Hawaiians call their love?

Aloha (/əˈloʊhɑː/, Hawaiian: [əˈlohə]) is the Hawaiian word for love, affection, peace, compassion and mercy, that is commonly used as a simple greeting but has a deeper cultural and spiritual significance to native Hawaiians, for whom the term is used to define a force that holds together existence.

How do you say aloha with love?

18 Ways to Say I Love You in Hawaiian

  1. Aloha (Love)
  2. Aloha kāua (Used as a greeting to one person.
  3. Aloha kākou (This greeting means the same thing but is addressed to a group.)
  4. Ko`u aloha (My Love) or Ia iho ke aloha (To my love)
  5. Ku`u Lei (My beloved)
  6. Ku`uipo (Sweetheart)
  7. Kipona aloha (Deep love)

How do you say I miss you in Hawaiian?

I miss you: Haʻo au iā ʻoe.

What does Aloha Au Ia Oe?

Aloha Au Ia ‘oe Means I Love You in Hawaiian.

What is Aloha Nui Loa mean?

Aloha nui loa (“new ee low a”) or ” all my love ” in Hawaiian.

What is the meaning of ohana?

The concept of ‘ohana in Hawai’i is based on something universal: family. For the most part, we all love our children and grandchildren. We love our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and siblings.

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How do you respond to Aloha?

If someone says “Aloha” to you, say it right back. Mahalo means “thank you.” If someone does you a kindness, don’t be shy about saying, “Mahalo,” to them.

What is Aloha Kakou?

Translation: Hello everyone.

What is a hui hou kakou?

A hui hou kākou ( until we meet again ).

What does oe mean in Hawaiian?

: love to you: welcome: farewell.

How do you say hoe in Hawaiian?

HOE = pronounced ho aee. Paddle! And off you go.

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