Often asked: How To Say Gorgeous In Italian?

How do you compliment an Italian woman?

Italian compliments for a woman:

  1. Come sei carina! (“How cute you are!” )
  2. Come sei dolce! (“How sweet you are!” )
  3. Sei una bella ragazza/donna. (“You are a beautiful girl/woman!” )
  4. Che begli occhi! (“Nice eyes!” )
  5. Che bel sorriso! (“Beautiful smile!” )
  6. Sei molto simpatica! (“You are very nice!” )

How do you say Beautiful girl in Italian?

bella = feminine singular ( bambina bella = beautiful girl) belli = masculine plural (bambini belli = beautiful boys) belle = feminine plural (bambine belle = beautiful girls)

Do you say very beautiful in Italian?

‘ Molto bello’ and ‘bellissimo’ are very similar. They both mean ‘very beautiful,’ but ‘molto bello’ is formed by adding the adverb ‘molto’ (very) in front of the adjective ‘bello. ‘

What is Bellissima?

Bellissima ( “Very Beautiful” in Italian ) may refer to: Bellissima!, a 1988 Pizzicato Five album.

What is a famous Italian saying?

Italian common sayings about love and friends La gatta frettolosa ha fatto i gattini ciechi. Haste makes waste. Literally: The hasty cat gave birth to blind kittens. Al povero mancano tante cose, all’avaro tutte.

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How do you express love in Italian?


  1. Amore mio – my love.
  2. Cuore mio – my heart.
  3. Tesoro mio – my darling.
  4. Baciami!
  5. Sei tutto per me – you’re everything to me.
  6. Ti penso ogni giorno – I think about you every day.
  7. Sei il grande amore della mia vita – You’re the love of my life.
  8. Ti amerò sempre – I’ll always love you.

What is the most beautiful Italian word?

Below is a list of 15 beautiful Italian words that we definitely need in English.

  • Mamma mia.
  • Impiraressa.
  • Salve. From the Latin to ‘be well’.
  • Torno subito. Meaning ‘be back soon’.
  • Furbo. This means ‘clever’.
  • Auguri. Meaning ‘best wishes’.
  • Figurati. Meaning ‘imagine’.
  • Daje. Meaning ‘come on!

How do you say beautiful in Sicilian?

Trùoppu Bedda/u – Beautiful So beautiful in Sicilian is Trùoppu Bedda – if your partner is female or identifies as such – and Trùoppu Beddu – if your partner is male or identifies as such.

What does Sei Bellissima mean?

STOP Saying “SEI BELLISSIMA/O” in Italian – Learn 20 Alternatives to Seduce. Therefore in the following article we are going to propose you a series of alternatives to the redundant sei bellissimo/a ( you’re beautiful ), to improve your Italian and your seduction skills!

What is beautiful boy in Italian?

Italian Translation. bel ragazzo.

What is the meaning of Grazie?

1. Grazie is thanks in Italian. This Italian word is a catch-all that covers both formal and informal situations with just about any audience.

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How do you use the word Bellissima?

bellissima in a sentence

  1. “Bellissima ” ( beautiful ) was her verdict.
  2. In 2012 she became the muse of Blumarine Bellissima fragrance.
  3. Noted for her physical beauty, she was nicknamed ” La Bellissima “.
  4. Bellissima is the only feature film in Visconti’s oeuvre with a predominantly comic tone.

Is Bella Italian for beautiful?

How to say beautiful in Italian: bello, bella, belli, belle. The Italian word for beautiful is bello. However, Italian uses different forms of the word ‘bello= beautiful’ depending on the gender and quantity of the thing you are talking about (yes, in Italian everything is either masculine or feminine, even objects!).

What’s the difference between Bella and Bellissima?

bella is an adjective to say that something/ someone is beautiful and it is referred to feminine names. Bellissimo is the absolute superlative of the adjective “bello”, which is the masculine of “bella”. the absolute superlative in italian is common in the form (adj+issimo/a) and is used to highlight the adjective.

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