Often asked: How To Say Fire In Italian?

What is a Fuoco?

fuoco m (plural fuoche) fire. fireplace (the place of the house set to ignite a fire)

How do you say Ember in Italian?

“ember” in Italian

  1. brace.
  2. braci.
  3. bragia.

What does cognome mean Italian?

noun. family name [noun] the part of someone’s name which all the people in their family have; last name, surname. 6

What is Fiore?

Fiore means flower in Italian.

What does Allegro con Fuoco mean in music?

In music, allegro con fuoco indicates that something should be performed at a quick pace and with passion and energy.

What does Dolce mean in music?

: soft, smooth —used as a direction in music.

What is Titolare?

masculine and feminine noun. (gen) holder ⧫ incumbent. (proprietario) owner ⧫ proprietor.

How do you say what is your surname in Italian?

qual è il tuo cognome?

What are the numbers in Italian?

Italian numbering rules Numbers from zero to ten are specific words, namely zero [0], uno [1], due [2], tre [3], quattro [4], cinque [5], sei [6], sette [7], otto [8], nove [9], and dieci [10].

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