Often asked: How To Say Disgusting In Spanish?

How do you say very disgusting?


  1. abhorrent,
  2. abominable,
  3. appalling,
  4. awful,
  5. distasteful,
  6. dreadful,
  7. evil,
  8. foul,

How do you say gross in Spanish slang?


  1. (= unacceptable) [injustice, inequality, mismanagement] flagrante.
  2. (= revolting) [person, remark, joke] ordinario ⧫ basto.
  3. (= tasteless) ordinario ⧫ de muy mal gusto.
  4. (= obese) gordísimo ⧫ cebón (inf)
  5. (= total)

What is a slang word for disgusting?

revolting, nasty, sickening, repellent, nauseating, terrible, awful, odious, distasteful, fetid, foetid (UK), vomit-inducing, foul-smelling, filthy, dirty, gross (slang), yucky (slang), icky (slang), mucky (informal), noxious, squalid, sordid, unappetizing, unappetising (UK), unappealing, unsavory, unsavoury (UK)

What’s a big word for disgusting?

loathsome, sickening, nauseous, repulsive, revolting, repugnant, abhorrent, detestable.

What is eww in Spanish?

an expression of disgust (= disapproval and dislike) puaj. 5

What is Guacala?

guácala {interj.} ugh! yuck!

What is Cochinos?

Cochino (“pig”) may refer to: Cochino, the Cuban name of triggerfish Balistes vetula. Bahía de Cochinos, Bay of Pigs. Cayos Cochinos, two small islands on the northern shores of Honduras.

How do you call someone disgusting?

Disgusting synonyms

  1. sickening. Causing sickness or disgust.
  2. revolting. Engaged in revolt; rebellious.
  3. abhorrent. The definition of abhorrent is something that is disgusting or hated.
  4. vile. Vile means evil or without morals.
  5. repellent. Able to resist the absorption of liquid, esp.
  6. odious.
  7. gross.
  8. foul.
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How do you say OK in British slang?

‘ Hunky-dory ‘ – a neat little piece of British slang that means that a situation is okay, cool, or normal.

How do you use disgusting in a sentence?

Disgusting sentence example

  1. “Well there certainly are disgusting people,” thought Rostov as he entered.
  2. “The mob is terrible– disgusting,” he said to himself in French.
  3. “I know you’re jealous, but this is disgusting,” he said in a low voice so sharp she jumped.
  4. Being pressed up against a smelly armpit is disgusting.

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