Often asked: How To Say Blue In French?

How do you say blue feminine?

The good news is, unlike blanc, to make most French colors agree with a feminine noun, you just have to add an “e” to the end. For example, bleu becomes bleue.

What is the French word for Indigo?

indigo → bleu indigo, indigo.

What is noir feminine?

Noun. noir m (plural noirs, feminine noire ) a black person.

What is Orange called in French?

Wiktionary: orange → oranger, orange.

What’s the meaning of Bleu?

Bleu or BLEU may refer to: the French word for blue.

Why is it called a Cordon Bleu?

The term “Cordon Bleu” translated from French to English as “blue ribbon”, yes, like Pabst Blue Ribbon. The analogy no doubt arose from the similarity between the sash worn by the knights and the ribbons (generally blue) of a cook’s apron.”

What is the meaning of Le Cordon Bleu?

The name “Le Cordon Bleu” [meaning Blue Ribbon ] is rich with history and heritage. It has been synonymous with excellence since 1578, when King Henry III created the “L’Ordre des Chevaliers du Saint Esprit” [The Order of the Holy Spirit]. It was the most exclusive order in France until 1789.

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