Often asked: How To Say 70 In French?

How do you say 71 in French?

71, there is an “and” (et) pronounced, but no dashes: vingt et un, trente et un. 2. For numbers between 20–60, dashes are used to add 2–9: vingt-deux, vingt-trois, etc.

How do French people say 80?

French Numbers: 80-89 * The French say quatre-vingts, literally four-twenties.

Why does French not have 70 80 and 90?

70, 80, 90 – quirks of the French language The modern French versions of the numbers 80 and 90 are actually relics from the Middle Ages, when France used a number system based on 20 rather than 10. There’s no definite explanation – it’s French, after all!

How do you say 71 80 in French?

Basic French Lessons

  1. 70 soixante-dix 71 soixante et onze 72 soixante-douze 73 soixante-treize.
  2. 74 soixante-quatorze 75 soixante-quinze 76 soixante-seize 77 soixante-dix-sept.
  3. 78 soixante-dix-huit 79 soixante-dix-neuf 80 quatre-vingt.

How do you say 70 80 in French?

THE NUMBERS from70 to 80. soixante-seize; soixante-dix-sept; soixante-dix-huit; soixante-dix-neuf; quatre-vingts.

Why are French numbers weird?

To make things more difficult, large numbers in French are generally spoken as a whole rather than broken down into digits. Phone numbers in France are said in pairs, so someone might tell you their number is zero six, trente-et-un, quatre-vingt-dix etc.

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How do the French say numbers?

Digits and numbers from zero to sixteen are specific words, namely zéro [0], un (une in its feminine form) [1], deux [2], trois [3], quatre [4], cinq [5], six [6], sept [7], huit [8], neuf [9], dix [10], onze [11], douze [12], treize [13], quatorze [14], quinze [15], seize [16].

How do you tell the difference between 60 and 70 in French?

Remember that the French word for sixty (60) is soixante. The first part of the numbers from 70-79 start with soixante (60) followed by dix, onze, douze, treize, etc.

Why is French called 70?

In French as spoken in France and Canada, the numbers 70 and 90 are strangely formed: 70 is soixante-dix (sixty and ten) 80 is quatre-vingts (four times twenty)

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