How To Say Seal In French Phoque?

What is Le Phoque?

British English: seal /siːl/ NOUN. animal A seal is an animal which eats fish and lives partly on land and partly in the sea.

How do you say Phoque?


  1. IPA: /fɔk/
  2. audio. (file)
  3. Homophones: foc, focs, phoques.
  4. Rhymes: -ɔk.

How do u say seal in French Phoque?

Phoque-prounced Fhawk means seal in French.

What’s another word for seal in French?

The word seal, in French, is “ phoque.” The baby seal pictured above would be bébé phoque.

How do you say seal in other languages?

In other languages seal

  1. American English: seal /ˈsil/ animal.
  2. Arabic: فُقْمَة حيوان
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: foca.
  4. Chinese: 海豹
  5. Croatian: tuljan.
  6. Czech: tuleň
  7. Danish: sæl.
  8. Dutch: zeehond.

What language is seal Phoque?

Seal is translated in French by Le phoque (m)

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