How To Say Puerto Vallarta?

How is Puerto Vallarta pronounced?

The correct pronunciation of the city is “PWAIR toh bye AR tah”. Notice it’s PuertO and not PortA. The “O” is a brief rather than open (not “oooohhhh”) syllable. Notice also that the “V” in Vallarta is pronounced more like a “B”.

What does Vallarta mean in Puerto Vallarta?

A Puerto Vallarta translates to mean, “Vallarta Port” and it’s one of Mexico’s many Cruise Ship Ports. The Port was named after Ignacio Vallarta, a former governor of the Mexican state of Jalisco where Puerto Vallarta resides.

Is Puerto Vallarta beautiful?

Puerto Vallarta is a stunning resort town located on Mexico’s Pacific coast in Jalisco state. Known for its spectacular beaches, marine life, water sports, and local resorts, Puerto Vallarta is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world.

Is Nuevo Vallarta the same as Puerto Vallarta?

If you look at a Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta map, you’ll see Nuevo Vallarta is just north along the coast. On the southern end of the bay past Puerto Vallarta are a number of local fishing villages and beaches to explore as well as the Botanical Gardens.

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What does Vallarta mean in English?

The Vallarta meaning in English is just that, the last name of an influential person. Puerto, on the other hand, means port, or a town with a harbor where ships can load and unload. Together, the Vallarta meaning in English is Port of Vallarta.

Is Puerto Vallarta or Cancun better?

Overall, Cancun has a far greater selection of hotels. Cancun takes the edge over most places when it comes to hotels. But Puerto Vallarta has a more authentic Mexican feel – Cancun is very Americanised. So, go for Cancun if you favour big resorts and Puerto Vallarta if you favour boutique hotels.

What is the best month to visit Puerto Vallarta?

The best time to visit Puerto Vallarta is between April and June when the weather is pleasant and the room rates are affordable. During these months, rain is scarce and there are fewer tourists compared to the winter high season. If you’re interested in whale watching, however, visit from December to March.

Is Puerto Vallarta poor?

Beyond the high rise luxury resorts, poverty exists in Puerto Vallarta. Drawn by Puerto Vallarta’s employment opportunities, many end up living in poorly served areas like Las Ramblas or La Bucería.

Is Puerto Vallarta worth visiting?

Puerto Vallarta is a place that at least once in a lifetime must visit. It is a majestic place with spectacular landscapes, with blue skies all the time and beautiful beaches.

How many days do you need in Puerto Vallarta?

7 days is enough to get a “feel” for Vallarta, but not enough time to really explore and see things IMO. You could do a lot of stuff, but you’d exhaust yourself in the process and need a vacation from your vacation.

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What is the most popular beach in Puerto Vallarta?

Los Muertos Beach This is one of the most famous and popular beaches in Puerto Vallarta. Located in the Olas Altas or Romantic Zone area, very close to downtown, it’s an easy walk from the Malecon, where you can find the renovated iconic pier with an outstanding view to the Pacific Ocean.

How much is a taxi from Nuevo Vallarta to Puerto Vallarta?

For getting from Nuevo Vallarta to downtown Puerto Vallarta, most taxis will charge you between 250-300 pesos. While you can pay in dollars, it’s easier to get a lower rate and exact change in pesos.

Is Puerto Vallarta better than Nuevo?

Puerto Vallarta is a great town if you want to walk around and shop, eat at the wonderful restaurants, etc. If you want some of the nicer resorts, an all inclusive experience and better beaches, then Nuevo would be great.

Is Nayarit close to Puerto Vallarta?

Distance from Nayarit to Puerto Vallarta is 132 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 82 miles.

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