How To Say Paw In German?

How do you say pad in German?


  1. (= stuffing) (for comfort etc) Polster nt; (for protection) Schützer m; (in bra) Einlage f; (= brake pad etc) Belag m; (esp US: = sanitary pad) Damenbinde f.
  2. 2. ( of paper) Block m; (of blotting paper) Schreibunterlage f.
  3. 3. ( for inking) Stempelkissen nt.
  4. 4. (
  5. (= launch pad) (Abschuss)rampe f.
  6. 6. (

How do you say sit in German?

In German, the verb for sit is “sitzen.” The verb is pronounced “zitss-ihn.” X Research source X Research source Put the emphasis on the first syllabus in the word. The German verb for sit down is “sich setzen” (zeek zeh-tsihn).

How do you say Quiet in German to a dog?

What is the Quiet Command for Dogs? The german dog command for quiet is: Quiet: Ruhig (Roo-ig)

What does Shnizer mean in German?

Schnitzer is a German noun meaning “carver” and is the surname of: Eduard Schnitzer (1840–1892), physician, naturalist and governor of the Egyptian province of Equatoria on the upper Nile.

Why are police dogs trained in German?

The real reason is much simpler — the dogs were trained with those command words, and it’s much easier for the officer to learn a few Dutch or German words than to retrain the dog with new commands. A police dog must also make it through endurance and agility training.

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How do you say stay in German to a dog?

Bleib (stay) When your dog should stay put, use the German dog command bleib. This command comes from the German verb bleiben, which means “stay” or “remain.”

Why do they train dogs in German?

Dog trainers use German to train dogs to cut out confusion and selective hearing. When using a common language for commands like okay ( as a release command), your dog may get confused. Your dog may also decide that it doesn’t want to listen and pretends that it can’t hear you.

What are some German dog names?

100 German Dog Names

  • 50 German Male Dog Names. Alger—noble, bright. Alfred—counselor. Arvin—friend to all. August—exalted, revered. Axel—peaceful. Bernard—brave as a bear. Bismarck—German statesman.
  • 50 German Female Dog Names. Ada—noble, kind. Annika—graceful. Aubrey—noble. Beate—happy. Berta—intelligent, glorious. Britta—strength.

What is Plotz in German?

intransitive verb. Informal to be overcome with emotion; give way to excitement, anger, delight, etc. Origin of plotz.; from eastern; English Yiddish platsn, literally, to burst, explode; from Middle High German platzen.

Is Schnitzer a German name?

Schnitzer Name Meaning German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a woodworker, from an agent derivative of Middle High German snitzen, German schnitzen ‘to cut or carve’.

What does schizer mean?

Filters. (informal) Scatological-type pornography, especially if it is produced in Germany. noun. 2.

What is a Schniter?

wood-carver blunder, howler, goof, slip carver’s knife.

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