How To Say I Love You In Hmong?

How do you say wait in Hmong?

wait translated to Hmong

  1. chinese-simplified. 等
  2. tos.
  3. စောင့်

How do you say yes in Hmong?

How do you answer this with a ‘yes’? A: Xav. ( Kuv xav mus. )

What is a dab in Hmong culture?

Dab (Kaulim: 다) is a Hmong word that means monster or spirits. They are usually in a form of dark and evil spirits or else good or tricky creatures. The most well known is a Tiger spirit which rules the forest and the Vampire who is feared in funerals.

How is Hmong written?

Hmong (lus Hmoob / lug Moob / lol Hmongb) In China Hmong is known as Miao and is written with Chinese characters or with an alphabet known as Pollard Miao. In Thailand, it is written with the Thai alphabet. In Vietnam Hmong is sometimes written with the Pahawh Hmong alphabet.

How do you spell sorry in Hmong?

sorry translated to Hmong

  1. chinese-simplified. 对不起
  2. 對不起
  3. thov txi
  4. တောင်းပန

How do you say thank you in Hmong?

thank you translated to Hmong

  1. ကျေးဇူးတ
  2. chinese-simplified. 谢谢
  3. 謝謝
  4. ua tsaug.

How do you say drink in Hmong?

drink translated to Hmong

  1. chinese-simplified. 喝
  2. haus.
  3. သောက်စရာ

What’s the meaning of Hmong?

1: a member of a mountain-dwelling people inhabiting southeastern China and the northern parts of Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. 2: the language of the Hmong people.

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