How To Say Aunt In Arabic?

What does Amti mean in Arabic?

Im searching for the english meaning of this arabic word ‘Amti’ or. (أمتعة) However the only meaning I can find is ‘ luggage ‘ or ‘baggage’ but this doesnt fit the context at all. The word is used in a situation where a girl believes she sees her dead grandmother and she says ‘amti’ to herself.

What can I say instead of aunt?

In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for aunt, like: mother’s sister, nunky, uncle’s wife, tante (French), father’s sister, TÃa (Spanish), aunty, Tante (German), sistern, auntie and great-aunt.

What is convert in Arabic?

Convert meaning in Arabic is المتحول – Synonyms and related Convert is Change, Commute, Convince, Exchange.

What is your name in Arabic?

what is your name? ما اسمك؟

What does Khalu mean in Arabic?

The Urdu Word خالو Meaning in English is Uncle. The other similar words are Baap Ya Maan Ka Bhai, Mamu, Chacha, Taya and Khalu. The synonyms of Uncle include are Beau, Boyfriend, Brother, Father, Fellow, Gentleman, Grandfather, Guy, He, Husband, Nephew, Papa, Sir, Son, Spouse and Swain.

What is a Pibling?

Gender-neutral and nonbinary terms for aunt and uncle That said, one term that has become increasingly popular is pibling. Pibling can refer to either an aunt or an uncle and is modeled on sibling, blended with the P from parent.

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What is opposite of aunt?

auntnoun. Antonyms: niece, nephew, uncle.

Does Amo mean Uncle?

عم means uncle. عمو is slang to address someone you usually know.

What does Abu mean in Arabic?

Abu means “father of,” and is often used as a nickname. A man’s friends might refer to him as abu, followed by the name of his first-born son. Or they might pair abu with something less concrete. The name of the terrorist Abu Nidal, for example, means “father of struggle.” Advertisement.

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