FAQ: How To Say Star In French?

How do you say movie star in French?

He’s a film star. C’est une vedette de cinéma.

How do you say star in different languages?

In other languages star

  1. American English: star /ˈstɑr/ sky.
  2. Arabic: نـَجْم
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: estrela.
  4. Chinese: 星
  5. Croatian: zvijezda.
  6. Czech: hvězda na nebi.
  7. Danish: stjerne.
  8. Dutch: ster hemel.

How do you say astrology in French?

Translations & Examples

  1. Translations & Examples. EN. astrology {noun} volume_up. astrologie {f}
  2. astrologer {noun} volume_up. astrologue {m/f} astrologer (also: astrologist)
  3. astrologic {adjective} volume_up. astrologique {adj. m/f}
  4. astrological {adjective} volume_up. astrologique {adj.} astrological.

What is the Greek name for Star?

Aster (Greek origin), this is the Greek word for ‘star’.

How do you say Queen in other languages?

In other languages queen

  • American English: queen /ˈkwin/
  • Arabic: مَلِكَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: rainha.
  • Chinese: 女王
  • Croatian: kraljica.
  • Czech: královna.
  • Danish: dronning.
  • Dutch: koningin.

How do you say heaven in different languages?

In other languages heaven

  • American English: heaven /ˈhɛvən/
  • Arabic: جَنَّة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: paraíso.
  • Chinese: 天堂
  • Croatian: nebesa.
  • Czech: nebe.
  • Danish: himlen himmerige.
  • Dutch: hemel hemelrijk.

What does constellation mean in French?

constellation, la ~ (f) (signe) sign of the Zodiac, the ~ Noun.

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What is a synonym for stellar?

Find another word for stellar. In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for stellar, like: outstanding, heavenly, celestial, astrological, spherical, cosmic, astral, galactic, late-type, supernova and cosmic-ray.

What does Etoile translate to?

French. a star or something shaped like a star.

How do you say astrologer in French?


  1. astrologer → astrologue.
  2. astrologer → astrologue.

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