FAQ: How To Say Snowboarding In Spanish?

Is there a word for snowboard in Spanish?

hacer snowboard {verb} snowboard {v.i.}

What does RTC mean in Spanish?

noun abbreviation. (= road traffic collision) accidente m de tráfico.

What does snowboarder mean?

Definitions of snowboarder. someone who slides down snow-covered slopes while standing on a snowboard. type of: skidder, slider, slipper. a person who slips or slides because of loss of traction.

What is the word for writing in Spanish?

[ˈraɪtɪŋ ] 1. (= handwriting) letra f. I can’t read your writing no entiendo tu letra.

What Spanish word means to read?

Spanish Translation. leer. More Spanish words for read. leer verb.

How do you spell to skate in Spanish?

Reverse translation for skate

  1. patín – skate.
  2. raya (pez) – line, stripe, skate, ray, part (in the hair), crease (in clothing)
  3. patinar – to skate, to skid, to slip, to slip up, to blunder.

What is etc mean?

Also called a bluebird day. Boarder – Nickname for a snowboarder.

What do you call girl snowboarders?

BETTY. (submitted by: alext) female snowboarder.

What does the snowboarding emoji mean?

Meaning – Snowboarder Emoji The image of a person standing low on a board while wearing a mask is the emoji symbol for a snowboarder or the activity of snowboarding. It can also refer to the sport itself.

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