FAQ: How To Say Pretty In German?

How do you say pretty girl in German?

pretty girl

  1. Schnuckelchen, das ~ Noun.
  2. schönes Mädchen, das ~ Noun.

What are some cool German words?

10 beautiful and memorable German words

  • Sehnsucht. Amid different definitions, which vary from yearning, desire and/or craving, Sehnsucht is a feeling of longing for something unknown and indefinite.
  • Weltschmerz.
  • Torschlusspanik.
  • Fernweh.
  • Zweisamkeit.
  • Backpfeifengesicht.
  • Feierabend.
  • Reisefieber.

How do you pronounce hubsch in German?


  1. IPA: /hʏpʃ/
  2. Audio. (file)

What is the most beautiful German word?

Gemütlichkeit has been named “the most beautiful German word” of 2019, according to a vote of 850 German learners from 46 countries in the magazine “Deutsch Perfekt”. The term roughly translates to comfort, but also coins a unique feeling which also encompasses warmth and coziness.

What is the longest German word?

The longest standard German dictionary word is Kraftfahrzeug-Haftpflichtversicherung – meaning motor vehicle liability insurance. But at 36 letters, it’s rather puny.

How do you say Beautiful Girl in French?

Talking to Women. Tell a woman she is beautiful with ” Tu es belle.” This literally translates to “You are beautiful.” The first part, “tu es” means “you are,” and the word “belle” translates as “beautiful.” “Tu es belle” is pronounced as “Two eh bell.”

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How do you say you are pretty in English?

You are very pretty. I think you are stunning. You look hot. 40 Ways to Say You Are Beautiful in Speaking Phrases

  1. You are so adorable.
  2. I have never seen anyone as beautiful as you.
  3. You make my heart melt.
  4. Your beauty is incomparable.
  5. Your smile melts my heart.
  6. Lovely.
  7. Dazzling.
  8. Wow, You are gorgeous.

How do you respond to vielen dank?

Variations of the expression thank you in German

  1. Vielen Dank! This basically means thanks a lot.
  2. Danke sehr! Sehr means very.
  3. Danke im Voraus! If someone promises to do something for you or offers you something, you could respond with ‘danke im Voraus’ which means ‘thank you in advance’.
  4. Danke schön!

What does Huebsch in German mean?

German (Hübsch) and Jewish (Ashkenazic): nickname from Middle High German hübesch ‘ courtly ‘, ‘polite’, ‘refined’, ‘agreeable’, German hübsch.

What is the meaning of hübsch?

English. hübsch [hübscher; am hübschesten] Adjektiv. bonnie ▼ adjective. handsome ▼ adjective. nifty ▼ adjective.

What’s the meaning of hübsche?

nice, nice-looking, pleasant. About.

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