FAQ: How To Say Happy Holidays In Spanish?

How do you wish someone a happy holiday in Spanish?

Traditional Spanish Christmas Greetings The greetings you’ll see most often around the Christmas season are “¡Feliz Navidad!” (Happy Christmas) and “¡Felices Fiestas! ” (Happy Holidays).

What is the correct way to say happy holidays?

General greetings

  • Enjoy the holiday season.
  • Warmest Wishes.
  • May your days be merry and bright.
  • Hanukkah Sameach!
  • Light the menorah.
  • Wishing you a new year full of peace and joy.
  • May your holidays be full of warmth and cheer.
  • The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…

How do you say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Spanish?

Feliz Navidad y muchos momentos felices en el año próximo: Merry Christmas and much happiness for the New Year.

What is the most common greeting in Spanish?

The common verbal greeting is “ Buenos dias” (Good day), “Buenas tardes” (Good afternoon) or “Buenas noches” (Good evening/night) depending on the time of day. People may also say “¿Como está?” (How are you). A more casual greeting is “Hola” (Hello).

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What do the Spanish words in Feliz Navidad mean?

: Merry Christmas!

How do you reply to Feliz Navidad?

3 Answers

  1. Prospero Año Nuevo (Happy New Year)
  2. Felices Fiestias (Happy Holidays)
  3. Felices Vacaciones (Happy Vacation)

How do you greet Merry Christmas in Spanish?

Here are some common Christmas greetings and well wishes: ¡Feliz Navidad! – Merry Christmas! ¡Felices fiestas!

How do they say Merry Christmas in Spain?

In Spanish (also sometimes called Castilian) Happy/Merry Christmas is ‘ Feliz Navidad’; in Catalan, Asturian and Occitan it’s ‘Bon Nadal’; in Galician ‘Bo Nadal’; in Aragonese it’s ‘Feliz Nadal’ and in Basque (or Euskara in basque) ‘Eguberri on’. Happy/Merry Christmas in lots more languages.

Is it OK to say Happy holidays?

In general, “Happy Holidays” is accepted as the broadest and most inclusive greeting at this time of year. If you know someone celebrates Christmas you can go with “Merry Christmas,” but ’tis the season for interacting with strangers (selling to them, buying from them, bumping into them on your way out of Target).

Do you say Happy holiday or Happy holidays?

Happy holidays is both a written and spoken greeting commonly used before or during the holiday season. You use the plural form because you’re wishing happiness upon someone for a span of time instead of on one specific celebrated day. To put it simply: Happy holidays!

How do you say Happy holidays in Hebrew?

Typically, people use the traditional Hebrew greeting “ Chag Sameach” (or חַג שָׂמֵחַ), which means “joyous festival” (or “happy holiday”).

What are good Spanish wishes?

Well wishes

  • “¡Que lo pases bien!” Meaning: Have a good birthday!
  • “¡Que tengas un dia especial!” Meaning: Have a special day!
  • “¡Que disfrutes tu dia!” Meaning: Enjoy your day!
  • “¡Que cumplas todos tus sueños!” Meaning: Hope your dreams come true!
  • “¡Que cumplas muchos más!” Meaning: Hope you have many more birthdays!
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How do you wish someone a happy new year in Spanish?

Happy New Year! = ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

How do you say Merry Christmas in Mexico?

1- Merry Christmas! ¡Feliz Navidad!

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