FAQ: How To Say Cannes?

Is the S silent in Cannes?

Cannes is a small city on the French Riviera located in the south of France. In French, the “es” is silent, however, the “n”s at the end of Cannes must be pronounced with a certain stress, to the point it nearly sounds like cah-nnuh. Also, the “a” at the beginning of Cannes must be pronounced with an open “ah” sound.

How do you pronounce Caen and Cannes?

“Cannes” is like the BE pronunciation of “can”. For AE it is a shorter sharper vowel than you use in “can” but not so different. “Caen” is a bit difficult to describe in written words. It is like “Kahhhhhn” but with no “n” at the end.

How do you dress in Cannes?

By Cannes Guide During the day, the dress code is fairly informal. Neat or business casual should suffice for screenings, meetings, and general hanging out. T-Shirt, shorts, and casual dresses are fine, but shoes or sandals will be required.

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