FAQ: How To Say Brown In French?

What are two ways to say Brown in French?

French translation of ‘brown’

  • brun(e) ⧫ marron inv.
  • 2. [ hair] châtain inv.
  • 4. [ rice, bread, flour] complet/ète.

What is brown in other languages?

In other languages. brown. British English: brown /braʊn/ ADJECTIVE. Arabic: أَسُمَر Brazilian Portuguese: marrom.

What is brown in African?

The Afrikaans terms, which incorporate many subtleties of heritage, political agenda, and identity, are ” bruin ” (“brown”), “bruines” (“browns”), and “bruinmense” (“brown people”). Some South Africans prefer the appellation “bruinmense” to “Coloured”.

What is red in other languages?

Polish: czerwony. European Portuguese: vermelho. Romanian: roșu. Russian: Latin American Spanish: rojo.

Is Rouge a color?

Rouge is any kind of red or reddish-colored makeup that’s used for tinting a person’s cheeks.

What Colour is rose in French?

1. Rose — Pink. Rose as a color adjective in French means “pink,” not the warmer crimsony color we Anglophones tend to think of when we use “rose” as a color. As a noun, however, une rose denotes the same flower as in English.

What is Orange called in French?

Wiktionary: orange → oranger, orange.

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