D’ NEWS: RCA Training & Workshop

Last week, a two-day training was conducted by PM TM Supervisor Ethel Austria. The said training was focused on how to do RCA “Root Cause Analysis” which is essential for every management member to know. Check out their photos during the training and workshop.

D’ NEWS: ISO Training (Clause 6: Planning)

Last August 29, TL Ronald conducted an ISO Training and discussed about the importance of “Clause 6: Planning” in the company’s Quality Management System. All the members of the management as well as the senior teachers attended the said training. Check out their photos!

TRAINING: Accountability and Ownership

Last June 24, 2019, the TM Dept. Heads and management staff from QAPD and TM departments attended a Training regarding “Accountability and Ownership”. This was conducted by QAPD Manager Shiela Ordovez. Check out some of their photos during the training. For Douzone teachers & staff, you may also view the photos using this link: \\duzonenh2\blog$\01 […]