LS Refresher 71: Different From vs. Different Than gave the following rules that will help us learn how to use “different from” and “different than”  (a) Different from is a separating phrase followed by a noun or pronoun. – Alone, the adjective different is not comparative; it differentiates one thing (noun or pronoun) from another. Example:My guitar is different from your ukulele. (b) Different than is a comparative phrase usually followed by a clause. […]

EVENTS: KClub Quiz Bee 2019

Last November 29, KClub members had the chance to showcase their knowledge of the Korean language in the KClub Quiz Bee. QS Rayz and QS Kissy facilitated the event. QAPD Mgr. Shiela and CM Jasmine were the judges of the game and TM Mgr. Yani witnessed the fun competition. Check out their photos below.