LS Refresher 77: Each vs. Every

Cambridge Dictionary gave the following rules that will help us learn how to use “each” and “every”. We use each to refer to individual things in a group or a list of two or more things. It is often similar in meaning to every, but we use every to refer to a group or list of three or more things. 1. We […]

D' NEWS: IQA 2nd Cycle | Post-Audit Meeting

After the 2nd cycle of Internal Quality Audit, the auditors attended the post-audit meeting held last January 10, 2020. The meeting was facilitated by QS Jeni Pascua while the auditors discussed about their findings. Check out some of the photos taken during the post-audit meeting.

WORD OF THE DAY (오늘의 단어): Undertaking

Do you want to know what “Undertaking”  means? 이 단어의 뜻을 알고 싶어요? Check this out to find out what “Undertaking” means 이 글을 보세요. Answer (답): – a promise; pledge; guarantee. Pronunciation (발음): [ uhn-der-tey-king ] | Noun– Listen Sample Sentence (샘플 문장): “Living a healthier life is my undertaking for the year 2020” SOURCE ***Disclaimer: The IAmDouzone blog […]