October 2019 Top Performers

In line with the company’s continuous desire for excellence, the Top Performers for the month of October were recognized last week. Our AM TM Supervisor Lunette Verano and our CEO SeongKil Choi headed the awarding program of the Top Performers. Check out some of the photos during the awarding.

WORD OF THE DAY (오늘의 단어): Aesthetic

Do you want to know what “aesthetic”  means? 이 단어의 뜻을 알고 싶어요? Check this out to find out what “aesthetic” means 이 글을 보세요. Answer (답): – a particular individual’s set of ideas about style and taste, along with its expression. Pronunciation (발음): [ es-thet-ik ] | Noun– Listen Sample Sentence (샘플 문장): “The beautiful foliage in South […]