TEAM NEWS: Team Jean’s Performance Meeting for May

Team Jean had their Team Performance Meeting last June 18, 2019. The teachers who got excellent QA scores and perfect attendance for the month of May received their rewards and certificates. For Douzone employees, you may use the link below to see all the photos: \\duzonenh2\blog$\01 Blog Posting\2019\June\19\TN

How to Redeem Points from Duzon Don Store

Douzone would like to reward our Duzon Don earners with some grocery items from the Duzon Don Store based on the overall points earned from November 2018- April 2019. Check this post to know how to redeem your points! Reminders: Placing of orders is until June 28, 2019 (next Friday). Unclaimed Duzon Don points will […]

LS Refresher 47: Who vs. Whom

Grammarly gave the following rules  that will help us learn how to use who and whom properly. (a) Who  In a sentence, who is used as a subject. Let’s look at a couple of examples:Who would like to go on vacation?Who made these awesome quesadillas? (b) Whom Whom is used as the object of a verb or preposition. Consider these […]

WORD OF THE DAY (오늘의 단어): Befuddle

Do you want to know what “befuddle”  means? 이 단어의 뜻을 알고 싶어요? Check this out to find out what “befuddle” means 이 글을 보세요. Answer (답): – to confuse, as with glib statements or arguments. Pronunciation (발음): / bih-fuhd-l / | verb – Listen Sample Sentence (샘플 문장): “Mr. Mason’s literature class always befuddles me.” SOURCE ***Disclaimer: The IAmDouzone […]


Want to practice assessing essays and learn more about essay corrections? If yes, then please check this out. Spelling vs. Inappropriate Word When do we categorize an error as Spelling and Inappropriate Word? SPELLING : 1. The word is misspelled. Example #1: Stve Jobs was the chairman, chief executive officer, and co-founder of Apple. ** […]